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Item No.: A90850Y
Description: Professional Air Grease Gun

• Grease Output Pressure: 6000 PSI (Preset)
• Grease Reservoir Capacity: 14 oz. (400cc/397g) Cartridge or 16 oz. (500cc/454g) Bulk
• Pneumatic Inlet Pressure (Min), Volume (at normal pressure): 40PSI, 200g/min
• Pneumatic Inlet Pressure (Max), Volume (at normal pressure): 90PSI, 400g/min
• Operating Temperature Range: -18 ~ 50 °C
• Pneumatic Port Outlet: 3/8-32UNEF
• Air Inlet: 1/4"
• Weight (Full): 3.7kgs
• Dimensions Tphone Price of Grease Gun: 50x27x75cm
Packing: 5sets/CTN/18.6kgs/19.6kgs/2.5'

Item No.:E60723R
Description: 12V Cordless Grease Gun

• Maximum Operating Pressure: 6000PSI (Preset)
• Output of Grease (Per Minute): 170g
• As low as 2.5 minutes to dispense one 14 oz. (397g) grease cartridge (at normal pressure)
• Twin piston (double current capacity): One full charged battery bicycle touring could dispense 8~11 grease cartridges.
• Low noisy < 80dB• Operating Temperature Range: -18 ~ 50 °C
• 30" ultra-flex hose easy to use
• Net weight of grease gun (with battery): 3.2kgs
Including: 1grease gun+1battery+1battery charger
Packing: 1set/carry case, 2sets/CTN/14kgs/15kgs/2.6'

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