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Item No.: W6014
Description: Tight-wire Grips Windshield Remover

Tight-wire grips let you get handle on a tough job pulling windshield wire. Aluminum handles and stainless windshield wire. Release the screw at the midpoint and insert the wire end tighten the screw . The wire is now securely bound at each end. able to resist strong tugging.

Item No.: W6251A
Description: Windshield Removal Tool

Cable action makes cutting out windshields fast and easy. The easiest and most proven method of removing windshield. A strong tempered steel blade, sharpened to a fine cutting edge, with a large durable aluminum handle, combined with a steel cable pull handle assures the easiest and fastest way of cutting the caulking compund around the windshield. The steel cutting blade can be re-sharpened and after many uses is easily replaced with a new blade.

Item No.: W30301
Description: Caulk Getter

*To use the Caulk Getter, place the blade in the gasket and pull it toward you. The blade is sharpened on the end and on both sides so it will clean glass and old sealant out of the gasket with one easy pulling motion.
Item No.: W30302
Description: Windshield Locking

*Insert the locking strip around windshield and other window. Fits most sizes of locking strip on pick-up, vans and cars.
Item No.: W30303
Description: Chrismas Tree Moulding Remover
Item No.: W30304
Description: Tightwire Grip

*The wirestarter is a hollow, stainless steel tube that is pushed through the urethane. The wire is then fed through the tube and the tube is removed, leaving the wire started through the urethane.
Item No.: W30305
Description: Centerstart
*Many technicians remove difficult windshield by starting the wire through the top and bottom in the center of the windshield and then cutting toward each side. On many modern vehicles where the urethane is far below the dash, the wire can be almost impossible to start without Centerstat. Centerstart is made of 1/16" spring steel and has a slot cut in the tip. to start the wire, place the wire into the slot, Push the sharpened tip through the urethane with the wire in slot. The wire stays in place while you remove Centerstart.
Item No.: W30306
Description: Double Direction Moulding Release Tool
Item No.: W30307
Description: T-Handle Centerstart
Item No.: W30308
Description: Wire Guide
Item No.: W30309
Description: The Deluxe Wiper Arm Puller