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Item No.: H102712
Description: Motorcycle Lifter (with Air Pump)

* Capacity: 500 kg
* Min. Height: 160mm, Max. Height: 785mm,
* Width: 700mm, Length: 2730mm
* All steel construction with heavy duty hydraulic ram.
* Supplied with a separated hydraulic pump unit.
* Drop-leaf platform and front wheel clamp assist removal of rear motorcycle wheel.
* Support platform fitted with full width loading ramp

Item No.: H102401
Description: Aluminum Alloy Racing Jack(Fancy Tool)

* Overall Length: 624.66mm(L) x 320.60mm(W)
* Lifting Capacity: 1000 KG(2,200LB)
* Lifting Lowest Point: 61.43mm
* Lifting Highest Point: 439.06mm
* Net Weight: 16.5 KG
* Material of the Jack Body: Aluminum Alloy(#6061)

Item No.: YP1124
Description: 10 Ton Bench Shop Press(Two Speed Pump)

Item No.: PE1231
Description: Engine Positioner

Item No.: YW1123
Description: Wheel Dolly

Capacity: 500 kg
Lift Range: 115-290mm(4-1/2" to 11-2/5")
Length of Liftting Arm: 570mm(22-2/5")
Overall Length: 810mm(31-9/10")
Overall Width: 890mm(35")
Overall Height: 800mm(31-1/2")

Item No.: H1116
Description: 6 ton Pull Back Ram

Capacity: 6 Ton
Length: 750mm(29.5")
Stroke: 152.4mm(6")

Item No.: H1116Y
Description: 6 ton Pull Back Ram

Capacity: 6 Ton
Length: 940mm(37")
Stroke: 254mm(10")
Item No.: BD7142
Description: Door Opening Holder Set

Length can be Adjusted by way of a screw action using the pin