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Item No.: B60624
Description: Universal Lift Support Clamp

Fits vehicles with weak gas cylinder, lifts on hoods, tailgates and trunks. Clamp securely holds weak lift supports in the extended position to allow access to the engine compartment or luggage area. Lift hood, trunk or tailgate and hold. Place the tool on lift rod next to cylinder body. Tighten with knob until it is secure on lift rod when finished, loosen knob and remove prop.
Item No.: BD12202
Description: Leverage Bar Body Straightener

This is a standard alignment bar.
Use for quick bodywork. Pull or push to straighten and align doors, doorframes, fenders, and bumpers, hooks, trunks and rear decks. Steel hooks and padded fulcrum included. Fully adjustable for depth and height requirements.
Item No.: BD12204
Description: Door Aligning Tool

The tool is equipped with two universally sized sharp-knurled wedges of hardened steel for a solid, no-slip grip. A flexible handle of spring steel wire connects these wedges. Designed for easy accesss behind both deep box and shallow well hinges. Large wedge locks solidly for front door aligning. Small wedge eaasily fits shallow wells of cars.
Item No.: BD12205
Description: Door Aligning Bar

The fastest means of aligning doors with welded hinges. Align doors with ease in just a few seconds using force developed from leverage of tool. Work on both coinventional and welded hinges. Use to adjust door up or down. Fits and works on most cars and light trucks.
Item No.: BD12207
Description: Door Hinge Puller

4 Punches and crank handle.
For easy removal and replacemwnt of door hinge pins.
Availiable are 4 sizes pins for most cars
Dia. 3mm x 110mm L
Dia. 5.5mm x 110mm L
Dia. 5mm x 110mm L
Dia. 5mm x 125mm L
Item No.: BD12226
Description: Door Spring Tool

This tool quickly and easily removes or installs door hinge springs.
Designed to service GM cars and GM light trucks.
Can be used with a 1/2" open and or ratcheting box wrench.
Always wear safety goggles and face protection.
Item No.: BD12228
Description: Door Buzzer Sanity Tool

Fit most cars application with door jam buzzer switch located by door hinges. Eliminates irritating door buzzer sound when performing service on car with door open and ignition with "ON" Tool pushes on door jam switch and shuts buzzer"OFF" High-tension spring keeps consistent pressure on door jam switch.